A look at the little surprises that show up in our lives.

Love Your Neighbor

Love your neighbor as yourself

This is what the Good News tells us to do

Check your heart to see if you love you

If you find you can’t you have work to do

Get to know the Great I AM

That’s where love originates

When He touches your heart

A burning fire will start

It will never end

Only seems like it begins again every day

It’s too hot to hold

You have to give it away

Then you will learn how to love your neighbor




K for Kindness

Kindness is a virtue

Not everyone displays

What’s their heart saying

J is for Jewel

You have loved me with an everlasting love. I will bless you with an eternal blessing.

You have denied yourself and honored my request. Your seed’s seed will be blessed.

You bowed your knee and gave me the glory I deserve. You live your life in such a way that everyone knows you belong to me.

I will point you in the right direction and show you the way to go. I will never leave you nor forsake you and will hold you in the palm of my hand.

You Are My Jewel


I have an Instagram account. I’ve had it since last year. I don’t know what to do with it.

Instagram doesn’t come with instructions and that puts me at a disadvantage. I pushed all the buttons and they didn’t give me a clue. So I left it alone. When I thought about using this for letter I, I revisited Instagram and I’m no more informed than before.

One thing I saw this time is I have people following me. How did I get followers? I never told anyone I was on Instagram. I bet they are wondering why I haven’t posted anything. The reason is I don’t know how. If I can get some instructions I might use it. I wonder if there is an Instagram School?

Until then that little camera will just hang out with the rest of my apps.

Do you use Instagram?

Buzzing around me swarm Honey Bees

What is happening I looked to see

An army of bees had formed around me

When they got my attention

Away they did fly

Pausing to look back

To see if I was close by

Circled around me once again

Formed like an arrow

Pointing the way

Submitting to directions

An adventure we pursued

Where are we going

I wanted to say

Instead faith arose

With power and strength

To follow the army God sent

Getting me to my destination

Skillfully guiding all the way

Thanks to the Honey Bee Brigade


Guitar Man

The strumming of the strings

Comes from love

A velvet sound from above

Guitar Man has a song to play

Gently caresses and holds her tight

With love divine and all his might

She reciprocates with a heavenly sound

Responding to his gentle touch

Vibrates and causes a delightful rush

A new song is created

Through soft steady streams

Fingers precise-touches every string

Smiling as each one rings

Creating musical delight

He casts his eye, gives a little smile

Strums and strums

The magical tune

This love affair

Will never cease

Guitar Man strums his love-his guitar

These are a few of my favorite things came across my mind. I know it is a song. I don’t know any of the words but started to think of my favorite things. I came up with this.

My most favorite thing is my relationship with The Great I AM. I enjoy worshipping Him and communicating with Him. He gives me peace that surpasses the understanding.

My next favorite thing is Writing. Or should I say attempting to write. Putting words on paper is liberating to me and I hope others. My own words surprise me at times when I read them.

I wish I could say singing is one of my favorite things but…. Since I can’t sing I decided to play an instrument. The instrument of choice is a guitar. I’m coming along with the lessons. In my mind I am the best Jazz Guitarist in the world. How about that.

Bowling is in the line-up of favorite things. One clue is I own four bowling balls—have owned up to six. I still have a long way to go to become a great bowler but I still keep moving forward.

Creating art, although low on my list is included. I guess you can say I’m a semi-retired Artist. One day when I have time I will bring out the paints, paper and brushes and pick up my visual creations. Maybe I’ll combine my writing and artistic abilities and come up with some masterpieces that will rock the world.

What are a few of your favorite things?

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