A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Value

What would you do if all your material belongings you own disappeared and after searching high and low you couldn’t locate them?

Have you attached such a great value on the items that you couldn’t get over the lost?

Did you protect your belongings by insuring them? If you did, then everything can be replaced. If you didn’t, it looks like you didn’t think they had any value.

If someone came to your home and liked something you had, could you part with it and bless them with it?

More valuable things are esteeming someone higher than you and wanting to put a smile on their face. How about getting great joy blessing others? These have more value than all the material things you can amass.

Reflect on the value you put on unimportant things and make any changes necessary.

A to Z Blog Challenge – U Words

Unfortunately two days ago I was told I would not be closing on my home yesterday. I had to wait until the buyers turned one piece of paperwork they were missing and the closing wouldn’t be until next Wednesday.

The buyers turned in their paperwork under pressure and I received a call late this morning that the closing was scheduled for today. With that unexpected news I got an email with the Settlement Statement attached. That way I could read it before I showed up at the closing and wouldn’t be taken by surprise with undesirable charges.

I showed up first to the closing and got the signing of many papers underway before buyers arrived.

A new undertaking for me is to be a tenant instead of a homeowner. For a year I will undoubtedly let the apartment management take on the issues I use to be responsible for. I’ve come out from under that responsibility and now I’m a free bird.

A to Z Challenge 2015 – Steer-Longhorn

I stopped in the middle of a road to take these photos. The Longhorn Steer are very beautiful animals. I have a friend that would pass several Longhorn Steer when she took her evening walk. She started taking them a snack and they would run up to the fence when they saw her coming. One day she took me by there. I found they were very friendly. They wanted to be petted but there was one problem–those long horns. They got in the way and if you weren’t careful you’d get injured.

If I lived on several acres I would invest in a few.

A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Respect

Many years ago I worked in a clinic. One day the Medical Director asked me a question when I was meeting with him. He asked me how would I feel if I knew no one in the office liked me. My response to him was I came here to do a job and not win friends. I don’t care if they don’t like me as long as they give me the respect I give them. That is all that matters.

All my life I’ve treated people the way I want to be treated. I’ve not always gotten that back but they will have to answer for their behavior somewhere down the road.

I believe everyone knows when he or she is being disrespected and know it doesn’t feel good. A lot of fights and murders have resulted when the disrespecting person doesn’t apologize after being confronted.

We have to learn how to come up over the ignorance that’s being displayed and keep moving forward. When we walk away everyone watching or within hearing distance will know who the ignorant one is without a word being said.

I know it is hard to give respect to someone who definitely doesn’t deserve it. Title, position or them just being a human being deserves respect.

Respect yourself enough to do the right thing.

Overlook ignorance

A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Quest

John is on a quest to find the wife of his dream. He is waiting for the right time-God’s time, not his. For years John has been praying for a Proverbs 31 woman. He’s been making himself ready-spiritually, physically and financially.

In his quiet time with The Lord he got revelation with direction for his quest. John didn’t want it to be based on a physical attraction or anything that doesn’t contribute to a healthy relationship. He wants to know her heart. Quality time together will give him insight about what he wants to know.

Excited about his quest, John moves cautiously in the direction he was given.

A to Z Blog Challenge 2015-Peace

Moving day is fast approaching. Downsizing is hard for me to do. Reducing a house full of furnishings to fit in a two-bedroom apartment is trying to drive me crazy. I like all my belongings but can’t take of them along.

I worked myself up to the point of several panic attacks. Something I’ve never encountered before. I’ve been eating, sleeping and over thinking how to pull this off.

Then there is my guitar lesson. I’ve cancelled them more than I’ve gone in the last month or so. I couldn’t pick my guitar out in a lineup because I haven’t taken it out to practice for a while. There hasn’t been a spare moment.

My instructor phoned me the other day to press me to pick a day to show up because the semester was ending. I sacrificed some packing time to take my last lesson.

As the instructor tended to a few things, I started playing one of my lessons (not very well). In a flash peace like a river washed over me. With no understanding how it happened I was no longer tense. My stomach stopped hurting. All was well with me from the first strum.

I’ve never experienced peace like that from music. I want more of that and not just for me. I want the music I play to embody that peace to rest on everyone who hears it.

May you find the peace you need in the music you listen to.